Ways to customise your brand and keep it unique!

 Ways to customise your brand and keep it unique!

Customising your brand is all important. Without a clearly recognisable brand, how will customers know to keep coming back to you? Stickers and labels, such as those offered by Sticker Gizmo are an excellent and relatively economic way to ensure that your unique logo, imaging, and branding can get excellent coverage, no matter situation you are in. Here are some ways that their products can make sure that your brand is memorable and kept fresh in your customers’ – and potential customers’ – minds.

Window Stickers

Window stickers are everywhere. They can be small and discreet, like the warning signs, letting people know about CCTV, or they can be large and in the centre of the window, a gorgeously colourful design, made even more gorgeous by the sun coming through the window and lighting up the sticker.

Magnetic Vinyl Stickers

Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any metal surface, these magnetic vinyl stickers can be made in any colour combination, in any shape and boast any design that you like. Make them by the thousand and give them away to customers, sell them in your outlets, and generally brighten up your fridges, wipe-boards, and more with cute and cheerful stickers that are easy to remove without leaving any marks or staining at a later date.

Ready-made Food Labels

If your business is in the business of catering in any way, you will need something to package up your products for customers to carry them safely. You can buy cheap plain food packaging for a much more budget friendly price than have, for example, custom designed pizza boxes made up: why not get the best of both worlds by adding personalised food labels to generic food containers to give the best possible impression for the lower possible price?

Large Vinyl Stickers

An excellent way to brighten up your premises is by adding motifs and logos to the wall décor. If your landlord objects to you painting the walls or if you cannot afford to hire a painter to immortalise your logo in permanent and water-proof paint, again, find the middle ground and commission a set of large vinyl stickers that will stick seamlessly to your walls, proudly showing off your logo, colourful images or unique design to all who walk into the building: a sure-fire way of ensuring that they remember you for next time!

Outdoor Vinyl

Vinyl stickers do not have to be kept inside, however. It is possible to purchase sturdy and durable stickers that can be applied to outside areas, like picnic tables and chairs, fence panels, exterior walls and windows: anywhere that passers-by will see them and be encourage to pop in to sample your wares or find out a little more about what your company does. Being designed for the outside,

These are just some of the branding products that can be used to boost your brand’s visibility and reach, keeping customers coming to your premises and website to enjoy your products and services.

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