Trying to get your Bikini Body? Top 5 Reasons Why Results With Lucy Will Get You There

 Trying to get your Bikini Body? Top 5 Reasons Why Results With Lucy Will Get You There

Be honest: How many times have you set a resolution to be in a bikini this year? How many times have you given up or become unmotivated because you just weren’t seeing the results you wanted? Unfortunately, setting the intention on January 1st doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, especially when you’re busy with work, family, school and fun. The good news is that this is the year that it can be different. This is the year that you can be in a bikini. . . in public . . . and feeling good about it with Results with Lucy!!!

1. Variety will get you results
Not only will you be excited and motivated by the workouts in Results With Lucy, but your body won’t be bored either. You will see and feel your body change as it is challenged, and change is good! If you’re bored with your workouts it becomes easy to quit. These workout options will keep you coming back for more.

2. Personalized workouts and nutrition programmes for the cost of a latte
You want your workout programme to be as unique and individualized as your latte order so that you accomplish your goals. With a nutritional programme to support your workouts you’ll get the fuel you need and the results you want. Results With Lucy provides innovative training with healthy and delicious meal options.

3. Maximise your time, minimise your waist
With the long to-do list you already have it’s tempting to skip exercise. When you’re a part of Results With Lucy, you’ll have exciting workouts at your fingertips that you can do whenever and wherever. With choices that fit into any schedule, skipping a workout doesn’t need to be an option. Even if you only have 5 minutes there’s a workout for you.

4. Take advantage of the technology you’re already using
You know you already spend a lot of time glued to your phone and computer, so why not use them to help reach your fitness goals? You don’t have to wait for a specific class time or travel to a facility when you can stream your workouts from the UK’s best trainers. Results With Lucy uses technology to your benefit with new workouts being uploaded weekly.

5. Your results are guaranteed!
When you follow the programme, Results With Lucy will get you the body you want! In fact, results are 100% guaranteed. With options for workouts, nutrition programmes to support your goals, and the ability to use technology to fit workouts in anywhere, you can be your bikini this year! What do you have to lose, other than a bunch of weight and body fat?