LaModa: Russia’s #1 online fashion store!

Meet LaModa, Russia’s #1 online shopping store! At LaModa you have access to an online catalog with over two million items, catering to men, women, and children. Whether you’re looking for clothes, shoes, sports gear, accessories, makeup or personal hygiene items, at LaModa you’re sure to find it.

If you’re looking for labels, LaModa stocks items from designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Banana Republic, Nike, Roxy and many more.

LaModa is currently represented in 66 cities in Russia such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, Samara, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Togliatti and more. Wherever you live LaModa insures delivery of your items within one or two days and best all, delivery is free.

The top five items to shop for are outerwear and shoes for women, jackets and boots for men, jackets, scarfs and hats for children.

The success of this online shopping store is hardly surprising. So many beautiful clothes and shoes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a party dress, something nice for the office or something comfortable for home, it’s all there.

Men love LaModa because they don’t have to go from store to store looking for fashionable jeans or warm boots. With a click of the mouse, they find everything in one place.

Parents are thrilled to find this store because they can shop from the comfort of their home without the kids tagging along.

What to do if the clothes or shoes don’t fit? Not to worry, as a customer you get to try on your selected items first before paying the courier.