Five Top Fashion Quarantine Accessories Trend

 Five Top Fashion Quarantine Accessories Trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a number on the fashion industry. With shows cancelled, saloons, spas, beauty parlours, and shops closed, there isn’t much going on this season. However, fashionistas have come up with some of the best quarantine trends which we will be discussed below;


During this quarantine season, there are no salons and hair parlours open. Therefore, there is no option but to try DIY hair care. If you are looking to try a quarantine trend that is still simple enough, and that you can do them on your own, you need a headband. With a headband or a couple, you can play around with different hairstyles that are good for the house. You can also tame your hair so that it doesn’t get on your way while doing other activities in the house. A skinny dip, you will find different styles and colours of headbands from which to choose.

Hair clips

Hair clips are must-have accessories during the quarantine period. You want to keep your hair simple enough that it doesn’t get in your way while doing chores or other things in the house. A hair clip is the best way to keep your hair intact and still stylish. Consider different types, colours, and accessorized hair clips.

Caps and bennies

Caps and bennies are also a top quarantine trend. If you do not have the least of hairdressing skills, caps and bennies are the way to go. With a few pairs of cute caps and bennies, you do not have to worry about getting your hair down. The hair accessories will also match your quarantine outfits perfectly and keep you feeling cosy and stylish. Consider getting different styles of caps and bennies for different outfits and occasions. You can never go wrong with these products as you can still rock them outdoors after the quarantine.


Scarfs are another fashion trend this quarantine season. Every social media site you scroll, you are likely to come across a few selfies of people wearing scarfs. Shop around for cute scarfs with different patterns that you can throw on any outfit. You can also wear the scarfs as tops depending on how confident and comfortable you are.


During quarantine, the only chance you have to see the sun and outdoors is when you hang out in your backyard or pool. The fact that it is within your compound doesn’t mean that you have to give up on fashion and to be stylish. A good pair of sunglasses or two would come in handy and help you get the cutest photos even without any makeup. Dark sunglasses are all the rage this season. You can always go for different trend styles and sizes for different days and occasions.

Final Word

You can also rock your simple earing and necklace designs at home. You may not be able to wear your best high heeled shoes, but you have the option to do cute flipflops, sneakers, and sandals while hanging in your backyard and other parts of the house.

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