Five best Christmas and New Years Eve Deals you can find in EuroCar Parts

 Five best Christmas and New Years Eve Deals you can find in EuroCar Parts

Christmas is synonymous with sharing, and Euro Car Parts are not left out of this challenge. You can enjoy thrifty bargains and save significantly on engine oils, spare parts, as well as accessories, and here is how.

50% on your first order

If you are new to the Euro Car Parts family, you can bag the new-members deal that gives you up to 50% discount on your purchase. Once you visit the site, you will be requested to provide your email to facilitate this process.

Weekend sale

If you do not have enough time to shop during the weekdays, take advantage of the weekend sale that offers you a 37% cut on all your purchases. This deal covers everything from automobile accessories to spare parts, and lubricants and other essentials. You have to use the special code WEEKEND37 to garner this deal. However, this is one of the limited offers that will expire soon.

Battery sale

If your battery’s life is down, then you may want to get a new one that will last you even longer. Search for your vehicle’s battery and enjoy differing deals on this accessory. What is more, even after new years eve, the offer will still be up.

Latest offers

Under this docket are the best offers that this business provides. Any new deals are listed under this category. As such, you do not have to go through the list with older offers while searching for your goods to buy. Here you can get everything necessary for you to enjoy your drive including cameras, toolboxes, and laser measure tools among others.

Special buys

If you are looking for accessories that will make your life easier, this is your go-to section. You get to bag the best Christmas and new years offers. Euro Car Parts gives you the best offers on dog ramps, boot beds, mechanics kits and many more. To get the latest deals of this kind, sign up for the newsletter to receive notifications as soon as a deal is released.


Take advantage of the Christmas and new years offers if you intend to refurbish our automobile. You may want to sign up for the newsletter if you want to make the most of these offers. Remember, most of these promotions will expire after the new year, so grab your deal today.