Feeling hungry? 5 Reasons why you should order your DEGUSTABOX Today!

Subscription boxes have become hugely popular in the past year. These monthly shipments of surprise products used to be somewhat limited to products like makeup and skincare, but lately all sorts of demographics are enjoying these services. Between product launches from major brands and the emergence of new independent companies, the market for nearly every type of product is crowded, and it is hard to find the new products that will meet your needs. Subscription boxes allow you to sample items from across all price points to help you discover your new favorites.

Degustabox is a new subscription box for gourmet snacks. Here are some great reasons why you should consider signing up for this new service.

1. It Makes Grocery Shopping Easier
We all know what it’s like to fall into a food rut. We end up buying the same things over and over out of habit and also because we don’t like spending money on new foods without knowing if we will like them. Degustabox takes the guesswork out of this process. After trying something new from Degustabox, you may feel inspired to seek out that new food, as well as similar ones, the next time you go grocery shopping.

2. It Makes Healthy Eating Enjoyable
While it is not strictly a health food service, many of the products it selects use whole ingredients that have known health benefits. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, you can snack on the new fruit crisps or popcorn that you received in your last Degustabox. Even the candy items contain high-quality ingredients, making them better for you.

3. It Helps You Save Money
When you know that you have lots of great food items to choose from, packing your lunch for work becomes fun and easy. You will find yourself ordering lunch less frequently when you have a fun, new Degusta snack in your lunchbox.

4. You Get to Try New Foods First
The service pulls its selections from the latest launches, so subscribers are able to try them before anyone else does. Degusta encourages its subscribers to provide feedback after trying the new foods. This serves two purposes. The first is to help the Degustabox staff choose items suited to your tastes for your future boxes. The second purpose is to let manufacturers know what consumers think of their new products. If you feel particularly excited about a product, make sure you give it a good review to help ensure that it will land in stores near you, if only so you can find it again. Sometimes major brands use this service to quietly test its new products before promoting them through mainstream channels. It is fun to think that you can have a major effect on product development at a billion-dollar company.

5. You’ll be Exposing Yourself to New Things
You don’t have to be a foodie to expand your eating horizons a little bit. Sometimes a twist on an old favorite, such as crackers flavored in new ways, is all it takes to make food seem exciting again. Some of the items require some preparation or light cooking, and this may be fun for people who wish that they were more confident in the kitchen; foolproof items like mug cake mix are as fun to make as they are to eat.

Sign up for Degustabox today to try new foods and beverages every month. Degusta offers two payment plans: you can pay every month, or you can pay twice a year for a slight discount. It’s like having a personal shopper who picks out the newest, most exciting snacks with your individual tastes in mind.