Discover one of the new top 5 destinations in Europe for this season

 Discover one of the new top 5 destinations in Europe for this season

Europe has got several stunning destinations for tourists spread all over the continent. There are numerous striking sites and hot spots that attract multiple tourists year in year out. However, there has emerged a new bewildering tourist destination in the top 5 category of the best places.

These new destinations have got several hot spots where visitors can go to and have an awesome time. AirMalta is the leading air travel company that is convenient and safe for anyone who wishes to visit by air to this prodigious destination. So how did Malta join the top 5 list of dream destinations in Europe?

The stunning Citadella

In the city of Victoria, which is on the island of Gozo, lies an impressive ancient architecture. The Citadella has been the fortification for the locals for many years, and it was initially fortified about 1500BC. The Phoenicians further developed it until the Romans took over.

The remaining structures of the fortress attract tourists and explorers who go through tunnels and storerooms here. The Citadella is one of the destinations that you should not miss in Malta.


Found in Paola, this is one place you should book the AirMalta flight soonest possible. And it is an advantage that they have the best offers to come and visit this underground temple. It is the only prehistoric underground temple that still exists in the world.

The temple has got chambers, halls, and passages that were carved from rocks. The facility is divided into three distinct levels, including the lower level, the middles level, and the upper level. Visit this new complex and get to know why tourists love the place.

Blue Lagoon Bay

AirMalta offers the best price to this new destination in Malta. In fact, they have the best offers as compared to other flights to this country. The blue lagoon is a striking getaway that pulls visitors to the country at a high rate. It is located on a small island, and this is where you can take a sunbath on the white sandy beach, swim, snorkel, and enjoy the panoramic views of the blue ocean.


Travel to this new destination via AirMalta to experience its magnificence. The courier services offer the best price to Valletta, which is cheaper than the other flights. A trip to the country’s capital will give you stunning views as the city rests upon Mount Sceberras. From here, you will also observe baroque architecture that was constructed back in the 16th century. You will also experience incredible views of the excellent harbor from Lower Barrakka Gardens.

Sliema and St Julian’s

Grab the best offers from AirMalta to travel to these remarkable cities. In these two towns, you are going to find numerous restaurants, clubs, casinos, hotels, and massive shopping malls. If you fancy busy cities and like partying, then this should be your next dream destination. Enjoy mouth-watering cuisines in Sliema from the seafront restaurants that will also provide you with scenic views over Valletta.

Bottom Line

This new destination that recently made it to the top 5 tourist destinations’ list in Europe has got more to offer than meets the eye. Just book your next flight via AirMalta and make your way there to enjoy the dismaying views from these destinations.