5 of the best: DSLR cameras for beginners on Amazon

 5 of the best: DSLR cameras for beginners on Amazon


Thinking of taking up photography as a hobby but unsure where to start in the world of digital SLR (DSLR) cameras? The purchase of a camera is of course the first step on the road to becoming a great photographer, but the number of options available make this process a daunting first hurdle. On of the things that is most important to a new starter is to get a quality camera at the best price. In this article we narrow down that choice to just 5 cameras, each of which is perfect for the beginner, as well as considering the perks and accessories available on the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon. Read on to find out more about which cameras to buy and how Amazon can offer you the best prices!

📸Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera

Amazon - Canon EOS 1300D

Japanese technology company Canon have a long history of quality products in the optics and imaging business and the EOS 1300D is no exception. It has everything you could want from a DSLR, and is easy to set up as a novice. Capable of shooting 1080p video, the EOS 1300D has all sorts of cool features like the ability to control it remotely from your phone, the ability to sync your pics over wi-fi and a recently introduced ‘food mode’ for those must have Instagram snaps. Amazon are currently offering £20 cashback from Canon so you can guarantee that you’re getting the best price.

📸Nikon Coolpix L340 Bridge Camera

Amazon - Nikon Coolpix L340 Bridge Camera

Perhaps Canon’s fiercest competition, Nikon have recently focused there efforts on the market between the typical ‘point and shoot’ digital camera and the full-blown £1000+ SLR. The result is the highly affordable Nikon Coolpix L340, a bridge between the two categories above and thus a fantastic place to start for anyone looking to buy a DSLR. Amazon offers one of the lowest prices for this already low-priced camera so they are likely to be selling like hotcakes this Christmas.

📸Canon Powershot SX420 IS

Canon Powershot SX420 IS

Another great bridge camera (perfect for beginners!) is the Canon Powershot SX420. This can be used as an extremely high quality ‘point and shoot’ with its ability to auto-focus and detect your friends’ faces. However, if you want to take it to the next level, just enter manual mode and learn the photography basics without paying a king’s ransom!

📸Nikon D40

Amazon - Nikon D40

Nikon’s second entry in this list is the compact and powerful D40. Amazon currently sell this with a fantastic 8-55mm AF-S DX Nikkor zoom lens (don’t worry, you’ll learn all about this as you become a pro!) that makes it one of the best value for money DSLRs that money can buy. The D40 has a long battery life and is incredibly compact and lightweight so is perfect for those hiking trips to the Lake District.

📸Pentax K-70 Digital SLR

Amazon - Pentax K-70 Digital SLR

Looking for something different outside of the main two manufacturers? Then the Pentax K-70 could be the camera for you. While slightly more expensive that the other cameras featured in this rundown, the K-70 is packed with features including a built-in GPS so you can never forget where you were, and a star tracker for celestial photography.

Enjoy searching Amazon for your new camera, this time next year you’ll be wowing your friends with snaps they can only dream of having taken!